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Your own free teamspeak 3 server TS4Free.ovh

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TS3DNS.EU - Your free TS3DNS service.

We're offering you an absolutely free service for TS DNS entries. Without any commitment you can add your server to the service and everyone can join in through the new address. The only thing you have to do to add new entries and domains is signing up to the service, that's it!

Tired of using IP and Port?

We offer you the solution - quit IPs and Ports due to TS3DNS's free service and choose from between 8 domains for your TeamSpeak servers new address. Just enter your TeamSpeak server and the domain of your choice to start right away. Without giving any personal detail of yourself, just a short registration is required to manage your entries. Any questions? Let us know! Contact us via our contact form..

Using your own domain for our service?

You possess your own domain and want to use it for your server? No problem! Just sign up with your E-Mail address and password and you can immediately add your own domain at "TS DNS Management" -> "My domains" which can be used later to create your own entries for your domain.

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